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The New Normal of Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Unit

        Among the severity of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) epidemic in the most highly controlled and strictly controlled areas like Bangkok, Walailak University Coordination Unit has been a measure for personnel to work at the residence (Work from home) by alternating work since May 2021, but with the mission that must be accomplished more than 50 percent of personnel still travel to work at this time.
        Personnel ratio are not included cleaning staffs and driver who have not been vaccinated  only 25 percent of personnel have got two doses of vaccine and 37.5 percent of personnel have not got vaccinated. However, the rate of infection and death continues to rise. Therefore, safety measures have been issued to support in many areas both cleanliness and sterility of the place, catering, reducing the number of people entering and leaving the office as well as providing alcohol gel and hand soap to reduce exposure in order to prevent the spread that may occur.
        Throughout the duration of the epidemic WUBKK has followed up on the safety measures of the SM Tower Condominium juristic person the number and timeline of infected people in the building have been reported to personnel to protect yourself first which from the safety measures that building occupants must comply with the delivery of documents and parcels, payment of checks, and some coordination must operate outside the office which is the area that the juristic person has arranged as a waiting point which unit personnel must come down to service or receive coordination below the ground floor of the building only.
        Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Unit stills focus on supporting the completion of all missions of the University. Walailak University Coordination Unit Bangkok has managed personnel to be in line with the daily workload by used technology operations to reduce risks as well as closely monitoring the operation to ensure although personnel work from home and alternate working but responsibility and the operations of the agency can continue without hindrance.
Published on 15/07/2021
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