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WUBKK Promote the development of multi-skill to be able to perform a variety of tasks with a limited number of personnel.

Your mission is our job.
          Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Subdivision (WUBKK) has prepared a customer satisfaction questionnaire for the fiscal year 2022, in which the users are satisfied with the services of WUBKK At a very good level in all assessment topics. The different score levels give an overview of the service work in the past year, including guidelines to develop operations in accordance with the current situation That has changed in many aspects, both the mission and the number of personnel operating.

          Currently, Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Subdivision is under the Administration and Correspondence Division. There are four working personnel, consisting of
          1. Miss Orapin Chaiyapong  Acting for Head of Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Subdivision
          2. Mrs.Kanchana Chitwichote  Administrative Officer
3. Miss Sumetta Urarot  Administrative Officer
4. Mr.Poramain Rakdee  Technician

          working to support the operations of the university and internal departments at the Walailak University office in Bangkok, SM Tower, 19th floor, with the following missions:
Meeting services 
          2. Public relations services 
          3. Conference room and audio-visual equipment services
4. Vehicle services 
          5. Pick-up and delivery of documents, parcels, and postal services
          6. Secretarial and Executive Certification
          7. Assist with university and internal division operations. 
8. General coordination 

          Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Subdivision has a limited number of personnel and will need to modify the operating model in which one person must be able to perform many tasks in multi-skilled areas in which personnel must learn new things and develop their potential to cover all the missions of the agency. to be able to support the operation of the university effectively and be impressed by the service recipients.

Published on 24/08/2565