Because COVID-19 hasn't disappeared yet, safety is our priority


          On September 23, 2021, Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Unit arranged “Invite to discuss” activity on safety at work in the situation of the COVID-19 epidemic via Zoom Cloud Meetings. All personnel have jointly developed risk prevention guidelines and countermeasures to enhance operational safety taking into account the safety of both operators and service recipients.
          Discussions consisted of three main issues as follows:
          1. Consider the operational risks of personnel
Prepare guidelines to prevent risks and enhance operational safety
Prepare a response plan for regular office visits after the end of work from home

Because COVID-19 hasn't disappeared yet, safety is our priority

          In the critical situation of the epidemic right now WUBKK is a highly regulated and strictly controlled entity and there has been a measure for personnel to work from home since July 2021. Personnel will be responsible for the work that does not cause any impact. “Invite to discuss” activity is a brainstorming session of personnel regarding operational risks and preventive measures. Classified by the workload structure in the context of the current situation, the conclusions are as follows:
          Guidelines to prevent risks and enhance operational safety:
1. Personnel wear masks 100% and strictly protect themselves.
Touching documents and parcels should take into account safety. Alcohol is sprayed every time.
Food and beverages for catering, emphasizing heat-treated food have safe packaging
Increase the frequency of cleaning of office and bathroom areas
Coordinate and send information via online system, and more technology is being used in operations.
Keep your distance and be careful when eating
Arrange the working area to have an appropriate distance
Work from home mainly by attending the office as necessary
Test for infection by ATK method when there is a risk of infection for the safety of the public

          Operations in the event that personnel are quarantined because they are a high-risk group
          1. In the event that personnel are to be quarantined must take into account two parts of the workload, which must not affect the work in the responsibility that is a regular job and urgent tasks. The preparation must be made as follows:
          – Back up the data files required for operation
          – Documents related to the operation
          – Operating equipment, computers and Internet networks.
          – Prepare for communication such as telephone numbers, or a communication channel that does not hinder performance
During the quarantine, the work performed must be planned and prioritized. in order not to affect the work in the responsibilities and the overall operation of the unit
In case of a positive test result, the workload will be assigned to personnel in the work unit as appropriate.

          “With this unusual situation Therefore, WUBKK must be strict and concise, because COVID-19 has not disappeared…safety matters.”

Published on 01/10/2021
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