Learning exchange activity to develop and improve the service Via Zoom Cloud Meetings

        On July 23, 2021, Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Unit arranged learning exchange activity to develop and improve the service Via Zoom Cloud Meetings. Issues in exchanging knowledge on the subject solving problems for service recipients and the suitability of the food menu and the cost of catering.
        The origin of this activity is due to the preparation of a questionnaire to measure the level of satisfaction of recipients in the year 2021 and meeting service satisfaction survey. Which WUBKK got the highest level of satisfaction on all topics, but to develop better services.
          Therefore, the topic with the lowest score of the two questionnaires was used to find a way to develop and improve. All personnel gave useful suggestions, it can be summarized as a guideline to develop and improve services as follows:

1. Provide accurate and timely information to recipients
2. Assist and follow up service from start to finish the process.
3. Service Mind
4. Teamwork


1. Plan the use of budget for food preparation effectively
2. Prepare food and beverage service information (Favorite type of food Foods to watch out for drink recipes) to impress recipients
3. Prepare food menu Specify the type of (food/shop/price) as an alternative to service recipients
4. Develop a style of food arrangement that is clean, fresh and good looking

          Guidelines to develop and improve all personnel will adhere to develop the service to be effective, same standard and will be more impressive to the recipients.

Published on 27/07/2021