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WUBKK starts Work from home 100% (Since 20th July 2021)

          In order to Quickly remedy the emergency situation and prevent its escalation, by virtue of Section 9 of the Emergency Decree on Public Administration in Emergency Situations B.E. 2548 (2005), issued on 17 July, 2021. To comply with the requirement and prevent the spread of the highly mutated and multi-strain COVID-19 disease that is currently becoming more and more severe.
          Therefore, personnel of Walailak University Coordination Unit Bangkok are required to work at home (Work from home) at the maximum of 100 percent since 20 July 2021.
          In this regard, the service and coordination can be carried out efficiently. Would like to inform the communication channels for coordination as follows:



Phone Number

Miss Orapin Chaiyapong

Acting for Head of Walailak University Bangkok Coordination Unit

08 1643 5164

Mrs.Kanchana Chitwichote

Administrative Officer

06 1426 4229

Miss Sumetta Urarot

Administrative Officer

08 4086 0259

Miss Phanthip Phiphatkul

Administrative Officer

08 1777 6265

Miss Saranya Sudsanong

Administrative Officer

08 3642 4855

Mr.Poramain Rakdee


08 7988 4094

Mr.Uaiphon Singphuengrap


08 7048 0447

Miss Naphat Sartsanawat

Staff Service

09 0299 4194

          please be informed and apologize for any inconvenience on this occasion.

Published on 19/07/2021