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Announcement: WUBKK extend for Work from Home until April 30,2020

According to the announcement of the Walailak University on the subject of “Offices of Walailak University at Bangkok extend for Work from Home until April 30,2020” due to the Pandemic of Coronavirus 2019 or COVID-19. Guideline of Work from Home as following: 1. All staff of the WUBKK, including cleaning staff and the driver not traveling outside of the to the risky areas or provinces, which will work to be as effective as working in the office. 2. Recipient can request to request services via various channels, consisting of:
  • E-Office
  • Line Official Account: WUBKK , Link
  • Workplace: WUBKK
  • In urgent cases, please directly contact Khun Orapin Chaiyapong, Acting for head of WUBKK, Telephone number. 08 1643 5164
3. We will check service requests across all channels and ready to work urgently at the office as assigned. 4. During the temporary office closed, arrange staff to work as appropriate in order not to affect the mission of the university.
Published on 14/04/2020
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